Religion: The View from the Coming Generation


I found this video on, and found it fascinating to see what was, to me, a different view of religion being expressed by children.

These children are Indian and Pakistani, but I wonder how different the views of American, British or European children would really be.

Iā€™m sharing this post with you because we need to listen to the children, because, right now, they are pure and uncorrupted; and because we need to realize how the division between us brings about hatred and, often, wars.

I really would love to hear your comments on this one. Ā I think the opinions of these children is worth a good, honest discussion between us, the people who care about peace in the world.





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24 thoughts on “Religion: The View from the Coming Generation

  1. Interesting to hear the kids thoughts.

    In English the root word of religion means to “rebind.” With higher power, community, those who have passed on, nature…

    Too often, though, religion is used to bind us. Stunt us. Limit us.

    So religion can be for good or ill. The key is to rebind rather than bind.

    • Rightly so, Georgia. The sad part is there is hardly any rebind, for which either the religions, or the practitioners, or both are at fault. The key may also be to limit oneself to basic teachings of religions, and discard the institutional structures, that are nothing but power centres in wishes.

      • Greetings, Raj! Thank you, for posting this as religion is a powerful force in this world of ours and is used to exploit, corrupt and bind people. I love the comments from the children of “there should be no religion”. Religion’s dogmas are the culprit in that people then believe their’s is the only one that is true. Loss of love, compassion, empathy for those that are different sets in. Peace and Love to you šŸ™‚

  2. Many thanks for sharing this Raj.. I have to agree with their young minds… Without Religion there would be a lot less conflict and division.. We should all learn there is only One True way… That is to LOVE, and hold kindness, tolerance and treat each other as we ourselves would wish to be treated… And follow the religion of our hearts… To express Love… Compassion and kindness.. For we are One..

    Love and Blessings Sue

    • Thanks very much, Sue, let us hope the world would trend, not too far in time, towards spiritual oneness and unity, with all religions and ethos dissolving around it…best wishes and blessings your way too..

    • Thanks Alok, humanity will either refine to evolve further, or defile to destruction to vacate space for another species to evolve from scratch, and there is no stopping this…best wishes.

  3. ‘Dharma’ as mentioned in B. Gita is miles distinct from ‘religion’ to which it has been conveniently perverted. I wish coming generations learnt to live in peace and mutual tolerance. I wish the true Dharma gets reignited in minds and hearts.

      • Yes, it really bleeds my heart to see Krishn being blamed for creating caste system, when he is clearly stating his Varna system is NOT based on birth but rather on 3 Gunas and professional leaning of individual.

      • I do not think any sane mind would blame Krishna for it, sweety. For all its glory, the caste system is the bane of Hinduism, as it distortedly established itself in society. I will lay the blame on Brahmins and other upper castes for the distortion, with the sole motive of getting a section of people for the labouring around while they could laze about in priestly and academic pursuits. Buddha perceived this evil intent very clearly and his teachings were as much moralistic as they were egalitarian. He did not preach about any god, because there was no need for it. Practice of his eight fold path was more than enough. The precepts appealed to people country wide, and it manifested itself in the country wide establishment of Buddhist centers, which really rattled the upper castes. They rallied around shankaracharya and his advaitha. While the philosophy cannot be faulted, the upper castes, under the guise of advaitha, systematically undermined Buddhism and artfully absorbed Buddha into Vedic religion proclaiming him to be an avatar of Vishnu, getting an unsuspecting public to lump it. I am a Nair, a Kshatriya, part of the so called upper caste. But I do not believe in it.

  4. Thanks Raj I just visited and commented. An inspiring revelation highlighting how the purity of children can make them embrace diversity. The problem starts when the adult society begin to influence them.
    Regards and have a lovely Sunday šŸ™‚

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