What is the most beautiful sight that can feast one’s eyes ? Most certainly it is the early hours leading to crack of dawn and further progression with the sun rising in all splendour, bathing the environs in a golden light , awakening to life every leaf and bud and, accompanied by the mellifluous chorus of birds and rustling of leaves in the gentle wind, energizing the world on to the day’s work . A scene so magnificent in sweep and myriad in its variety that it never fails to please the senses and uplift the spirit.

The last 36 years of my career have spanned assignments in various geographies within India and outside ; be it over the sands of marina , ullal , juhu , qantab , mountain ranges of lonavala , the corniches of sohar , muttrah  , abu dhabi , port said and alexandria or a cruise boat ride across Nile or the spectacularly mountainous yet verdant ranges of Johannesburg , Durban , cape-of-good-hope and cape town , the pre-dawn hours progressively brightening to broad daylight is like the chiaroscuro of a sublime painting of the grand artist sparkling to life with unfailing regularity. Wordsworth did associate dawn in the context of bliss when he effusively stated “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive , but to be young was very heaven” .

Being an early riser , partaking of the crisp morning air while witnessing the gradual unfolding of a new day , has given me an inspirational lift to my tasks ahead . Pre-dawn hours are described as ‘brahma muhurtam’ in hindu scriptures , to define it as visitation time of ‘saraswati’ , the goddess of arts and learning . Any task initiated during these early hours is believed to benefit from her blessings .

If Sunrise in nature is such an edifying experience , how much more fulfilling the figurative sun rise in one’s own horizon will be ? Across a timeline of 30 years , I have been blessed with two boys stretching back to 30 and 25 year spans , respectively from 13th April 1984 and 16th November 1988 . It has been a blessing to see them grow from healthy infants to toddlers to strapping young teenagers grooming to refined adults settling in life with professional qualifications that can progress them through their  vocations in life . The elder one is in Johannesburg with his medic spouse while his younger brother , a marine engineer , has already journeyed through more than 30 countries as a mariner , regaling us by animatedly discoursing on a range of topics or holding forth on distant lands and cultures.

Looking back at the growing years of these planets in my firmament , I have only guided them based on their capabilities , without trying to impose my unrealized aspirations on them at any stage , encouraging them to find their own orbit and radiate their brilliance . khalil Gibran’s philosophy was a guiding star in refining my judgment : “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”


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